Movie Night at The Complete Paddler – April 4th 2024


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Location: 919 Oxford Street, Toronto ON, M8Z 5T3

Time: Thursday, April 4th 2024 7:00-9:00pm

Food/ Drink: Popcorn included with ticket, beverages can be purchased separately

Missed the 2024 Paddling Film Festival? Looking to connect with other paddlers in the community? Look no further! The Complete Paddler will be hosting Movie nights at our store where paddling Film Festival movies will be shown. Showing some of the best paddling films in the world these movie nights will be entertaining, insightful and exciting! One hundred percent of the night’s proceeds will be going directly to Project Canoe, a Toronto-based youth charity program which aims to foster a transformative environment for young people using the outdoors as a primary medium.

Showing April 4th 2024:
1. Canada Vertical: Follow along on an eight-month ski, canoe and bike expedition covering an area equivalent to 19 percent of the Earth’s circumference. The journey travels from Ellesmere Island in Nunavut to Point Pelee in Ontario, and is one of the longest wilderness expeditions in Canadian history. Challenged by polar bears, freezing temperatures, injuries, equipment failure, windstorms, food shortages, 2,000km of mostly upstream paddling, and numerous reroutings, the AKOR expedition is a testament to resilience and creativity in the face of challenge. (Director: Laurent Poliquin, Producer: Nicolas Roulx) (SHOWN AT PREMIERE)
2. Rio Pusuno: Meet the Community
Ecuador is well-known amongst whitewater kayakers as a paradise. Generations of Ecuadorians like Diego Robles have found their life’s passion in paddling and guiding the rivers in their backyard. But a few months after Robles found his favorite river, he found excavators in the river building a dam and diversion that would dry up the Rio Pusuno. He had no idea how bad the situation was until he met the local community. (Directors: Ben Stookesberry, Willie Henkel) (SHOWN AT PREMIERE)
3. Surface – A Norwegian Ski Rafting Adventure: Follow an international team of three friends exploring the northern reaches of Norway on their skis. Putting their new packrafts to the test, they access their ski objectives under human power. This Arctic adventure culminates in a four-island traverse, testing their resolves with brutal storms, rough seas and ever-present avalanche danger. (Director: Aaron Rolph) (NOT SHOWN AT PREMIERE) 

4. Paddle Tribal Waters II Bring the Salmon Home: After a successful summer program in 2022, the Paddle Tribal Waters initiative welcomes a new cohort of Indigenous youth into their beginner kayaking program. (Director: Rush Sturges, Producer: Weston Boyles) (NOT SHOWN AT PREMIERE) 

5. Rod, Rolls and Reality on the Soča: Swapping paddles for rods, this crew of kayakers attempts to learn how to put the hook in the right spot. Under the emerald waters of Slovenia’s Soča River hides an endemic trout, creating both a classroom and a playground for misadventure. (Directors: Rok Rozman, Rožle Bregar, Producer: Leeway Collective) (SHOWN AT PREMIERE)

6. The Stakeout (Behind the Scenes): After a chilly day on the water, Ben Marr ponders the spirit of Stakeout, a grassroots whitewater gathering that has stood the test of time and keeps drawing him back, year after year. (Director: Caleb Roberts) (NOT SHOWN AT PREMIERE) 

*Certain movies will repeat over the course of the Movie Nights. Please check the description of each Movie Night for a list of the movies being shown.

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