Tightline Anchor Break-Away Line


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The perfect insurance for your K5 anchor. The breakaway kit allows you to rig your anchor from the bottom so in the event your anchor gets stuck, a hard pull will break the cable ties and allow the break-away line to be free, making it must easier to retrieve. Perfect for Kayaks, Canoes or other watercraft vessels
Kit includes:
  • 4 x UV resistant Cable Ties
  • 1 x Length of 3/16 double braided nylon rope
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Swivel
Just feed the running end of the nylon rope through the eyelet and tie a stop knot. Use one cable tie to secure the swivel end of the 550 cord to the wire loop and you’re all set.
*Anchor Not Included.
Safety notice: products not intended to be used for climbing

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