Chrismar Temagami Canoe Routes Planning Map


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Chrismar#: OM8840, ISBN: 0-7729-7884-0, Paper.

A large size, but small-scale (1:140,000) paper map of the entirety of the Temagami paddling area that is helpful for planning your trip. Covering all the official Ontario Parks in the area plus Conservation Reserves and Crown land, it shows basic water detail, access points, campsites, portages, and other points of interest, with trip planning guidelines and 23 route options described on the reverse side. This is a good general reference map for the entire Temagami area.

For larger-scale (features appear larger), much more detailed maps that are more suited to on-the-water navigation (but also trip planning for large parts of, but not the entirety of the Temagami area), you should get one or more of the major Temagami series – Temagami 1 – NortheastTemagami 2 – Lake TemagamiTemagami 3-Marten & Temagami Rivers Area and Temagami 4- Northwest & Sturgeon River map guides.

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