SUP Paddle Guide

Whether you're spending a lazy day on a winding river or working on your surf skills, having the right sized paddle will make all the difference. Outlined below are the types of SUP Paddles and an easy sizing guide.

  • Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

    Made with the long day paddlers or trippers in mind, the carbon fiber paddle is the most lightweight and durable option available.

  • Fiberglass SUP Paddle

    Made for the recreational users, this paddle is great for day trippers who are looking to improve their skills without breaking the bank.

  • Aluminum SUP Paddle

    Made for begginers and paddlers who like to get out every once and a while. Durable and strong these paddles are tough and will last.

Carbon SUP Paddle

Built with durability and weight consideration in mind, there is no doubt that the carbon SUP paddle is the most durable and lightweight option on the market. These qualities can allow for longer days or trips on the water as the paddler will experience less muscle fatigue when compared to a heavier paddle.

Fiberglass SUP Paddle

More lightweight than the aluminum paddle, but less pricy than the carbon fiber paddle, the fiberglass is a great option for recreational paddlers who love day paddles and exploring local areas. These paddles are great options for people who are looking to improve their SUP skills without upgrading to a full carbon fiber option.

Aluminum SUP Paddle

The aluminum SUP paddle is perfect for beginners, tough and durable, these can take a beating. The most economically friendly, these paddles are also the heaviest. Made for people who aim to get out on the water once in a while, or paddlers just looking to get into the sport.

SUP Sizing Guide

It is easy to understand the sizing needed for a sup paddle, and it comes down to the type of paddling you plan on doing. Note that most people will fall under the recreational section of this size chart.

Recreational paddlers should add 8"-10" to their standing height to find the correct paddle height.

Surfers should add 6"-8" to their standing height to find the correct paddle height.