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Chrismar Maps: Algonquin 2 - Northwest

Chrismar Maps: Algonquin 2 - Northwest

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Map #: AM0141, ISBN: 0-929140-14-1, Scale: 1:60,000. Waterproof.

This detailed topographic map & guide to the more remote northwest quadrant of Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario. Stretching from Kawawaymog Lake outside the west park boundary all the way past Brent Access Point on Cedar Lake, it overlaps the north edge of the Algonquin 1-Corridor North guide and the west edge of the Algonquin 4 - North Central guide.

In addition to extraordinary terrain and vegetation detail, this map features campsite, portages, access points, hiking trails, facilities like parking, campgrounds, telephones, historic sites and other attractions. And, as with all Adventure Maps®, the back side is covered with text, colour photos and graphics detailing the natural and human history of the area along with suggested routes, safety tips, contact info and much more. Chrismar has even included a star chart and moon map so you'll have something to do at night!

As with other Algonquin maps in this series this one has quickly become the standard for on-the-water navigation. It is also completely waterproof (in a pinch you can use it as rain hat!)

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