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Chrismar Maps: Algonquin - Barron/Achray Close-up

Chrismar Maps: Algonquin - Barron/Achray Close-up

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Map #: AM015X, ISBN: 0-929140-15-X, Scale: 1:40,000. Waterproof.

The dominant feature of this popular paddling, hiking and camping area on the east side of Algonquin Park is the 100-metre deep Barron Canyon, which you can enjoy from above at a great hiking viewpoint, or from below while paddling the River.

But there are other great attractions in this compact, feature-rich area, including High Falls, Brigham Chutes, the Barron River, old log drive relics and much more, all detailed on this large-scale 1:40,000 map.

The back side offers colour photos and textual descriptions about local flora and fauna, suggested routes, safety concerns and contact info. Also covers the Sec/Mallard Lakes area.

As usual, this 1:40,000 scale map provides extraordinary terrain and vegetation detail, as well as features campsites, portages, access points, hiking trails, facilities like campgrounds, telephones, historic sites, rental ranger cabins, and many more attractions. And, like others in the series, it's updated regularly and is waterproof.

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