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The Complete Paddler

Chrismar Maps: Arrowhead

Chrismar Maps: Arrowhead

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Located just north of Huntsville on Hwy 11, this smallish provincial park is certainly chock full of great outdoor adventure options. There are several great hiking trails through rocky Canadian Shield country, with stunning lookouts and wildlife viewing opportunities. Or you might prefer canoeing or kayaking on one of several lakes in the park or the meandering Big East River along the south edge of this map. There are also several fully-serviced campgrounds to choose from including motor-home pull-throughs and yurts.

This large-scale 1:12,000 topographic map shows all trails, lakes, streams, wetlands, open areas, extraordinary contour detail and even individual campsites. And the back side, as usual is filled with informative text and colour photographs about the natural and human history of the area, trail descriptions, canoe routes, safety tips, contact info, and more.

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