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Chrismar Maps: Lake Superior Provincial Park

Chrismar Maps: Lake Superior Provincial Park

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The eastern Lake Superior coast offers wonderfully rugged wilderness hiking and backpacking as well as coastline and backcountry paddling. This huge Park includes lots of backcountry opportunities in addition to the coast, as in 143km of hiking & backpacking trails, including a challenging 65km Coastal backpacking trail, over 200km of backcountry canoe routes, a superb 95km Coast paddling route, 205 car campsites in 2 well-serviced campgrounds, over 160 backcountry campsites, not to mention the 3,158 lakes (yikes!) which were all captured by aerial photogrammetry for this map.

In addition to extraordinary geographic details, this map includes both hiking and paddling campsites, access points, car campgrounds and picnic areas, viewpoints, PLUS there is the usual extensive text, charts and photographs covering such topics as natural and park history, fishing, route descriptions, grid locations, star charts, safety tips, rules and regs, contact information and much more.

This comprehensive guide to the Park is all you'll need to tackle a truly extraordinary paddling, hiking or backpacking challenge. And of course, this guide is printed on waterproof plastic, so paddlers and hikers can get it as wet as they like without it disintegrating! It can even double as a useful rain hat.

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