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The Complete Paddler

Latlong Maps: Wolf/Crab lakes and Area

Latlong Maps: Wolf/Crab lakes and Area

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About the location

Unspoiled and wild, Killarney’s majestic beauty inspired Group of Seven artists in their art and to take conservation action. Towering over clear lakes, peatlands and oak and pine forests, the La Cloche range and its white quartzite ridges offer a unique background to awe-inspiring canoe trips and unforgettable on-and-off-trail hiking.

About the map

Map 1: East, Bell-David, East Panache -  Scale 1:65000. Map 2: West, Northwest Loop -  Scale 1:65000. Booklet: Map notes, tidily packaged in a map folder. Features campsites, trails and portages, points of interest, contours lines, and more. Printed on very tough waterproof and tear-resistant FSC paper in Canada. Printed one side with generous margins. Can be annotated with any pen or pencil, feels like paper.

With 2022 campsites numbers & Point Grondine Park.


  • Map 1, printed one side, East, Bell-David, East Panache at 1:65,000
  • Map 2, printed one side, West, Northwest Loop at 1:65,000
  • Map notes booklet
  • Ruler at scale/bookmark
  • All the above inside a map folder

ISBN 978-1-7774837-3-9

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