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Melker Ulvön – High Volume

Melker Ulvön – High Volume

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Serious expedition kayak with a playful character!


From a design perspective, the kayak is highly inspired by surfski characteristics and surfboard design.

The Ulvön benefits from the innovative, natural & sustainable top-notch flax fibres from Swiss-based Bcomp.

Less weight, more strength & durability in a sustainable way using locally grown and renewable flax fibres, makes the Ulvön less harmful to the environment and irresistible beautiful. Care for the environment and excellent design & capabilities is no longer in contrast!

The extended waterline gives the Ulvön an excellent glide and the highest speed with very little effort. With the large volume in the bow, the kayak offers an exceptional performance catching bigger waves and swells. The kayak’s playfulness shows itself in the strongly turned freeboards and refined curves, which give the kayak a great end stability and maneuverability, offering responsive and comfortable carving turns.
The maneuverability can be even further enhanced with a responsive and retractable rudder, making it possible to master the most challenging conditions.

The smooth cockpit is optimized for efficient power strokes and rotation, and is further customized for excellent comfort and great convenience during entry and exit, even for the larger paddlers.
The adjustable, ergonomic and padded seat in combination with optimal legroom give you great control in the tougher conditions and exceptional comfort during the full day’s ride.


Length: 17'.5" / 533.4cm
21" / 53.3cm
54lbs / 24.5kg
33.9" x 19.7" / 86cm x 50cm
Load Capacity:
20L + 75L + 135L
Ideal Paddler Weight:
165 - 240lbs / 75kg - 108.8kg

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