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Mike Yee Outfitting Knee Cups

Mike Yee Outfitting Knee Cups

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Knee Cups provide maximum boat control (by preventing sliding and leg movement) and comfort. Our knee cups are made from Microcell 1200 comfortable foam that can be shaped as needed.

Single Knee Cup: Designed for narrow solo boats and bow tandem positions. They feature a high thick ridge on the inside of the knee only. Base dimensions: 8″(W) x 9″(L).  Sold individually.

Double Knee Cup: The Double Knee Cup features high, thick ridges on both sides of the knee with a 5″ inside width creating a snug fit. They are ideal for solo boats, tandem C1 or C2. Base dimensions: 8″ (W) x 11″ (L).  Sold Individually

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