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Mike Yee’s RESTORED Chestnut Canoe Company Pal

Mike Yee’s RESTORED Chestnut Canoe Company Pal

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Mike Yee bought this 1967 Chestnut Canoe Company Pal in the 1970s and has kept it ever since. It has been recanvased, repainted and has newer outwales (outer gunwale). It has its original ribs, deck plates, inwales (inner gunwale), seats and thwart. It also includesa handmade deep dish yoke.

These canoes are excellent paddling canoes and are the most commonly found model of Chestnut canoe. 

Chestnut Canoe Company
Year: 1967

Recanvased, repainted, newer outwhale, and custom deep dish yoke

Original: Ribs, Deck Plates, Inwhales, Seats, Thwart


Length: 16 ft
Width: 36 in
Depth: 12 ¾ in
Weight: 72lbs

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