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The Complete Paddler

Movie Night at The Complete Paddler: July 11th 2024

Movie Night at The Complete Paddler: July 11th 2024

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Waterwalker Series

Location: The Complete Paddler, 919 Oxford Street, Toronto ON, M8Z 5T3

Time: Thursday, July 11th 2024 7:00-9:00pm

Food/ Drink: Popcorn included with ticket, beverages can be purchased separately

Looking to connect with other paddlers in the community? Look no further! The Complete Paddler will be hosting Movie nights at our store where paddling Film Festival movies will be shown. Showing some of the best paddling films in the world these movie nights will be entertaining, insightful and exciting! One hundred percent of the night’s proceeds will be going directly to Project Canoe and Paddler’s Coop.

Showing July 11th 2024:

1. A River Called Home “A River Called Home” follows the journey of four women who launch at the headwaters of the James River in Virginia and paddle to the Chesapeake Bay. For three weeks, the team faces challenges along the way, including whitewater rapids and a river with a history of pollution. Along the way, the team conducts a water quality study, asking how our waterways are being protected and what more we have left to do.

2. One for the River – The Sava Story She carves canyons, fertilizes fields, creates playgrounds, nesting grounds and deep pools. People drink her water, write poems about her, harness her energy, and fight over her. The Sava River is a liquid connection between 4 countries and countless ecosystems. Float alongside four mischievous kayakers as they paddle across Slovenia sampling water, surveying birds and getting to know the Sava’s wild past, dark history, colorful present and uncertain future.

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