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The Complete Paddler

Movie Night at The Complete Paddler: July 4th 2024

Movie Night at The Complete Paddler: July 4th 2024

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Waterwalker Series

Location: The Complete Paddler, 919 Oxford Street, Toronto ON, M8Z 5T3

Time: Thursday, July 4th 2024 7:00-9:00pm

Food/ Drink: Popcorn included with ticket, beverages can be purchased separately

Looking to connect with other paddlers in the community? Look no further! The Complete Paddler will be hosting Movie nights at our store where paddling Film Festival movies will be shown. Showing some of the best paddling films in the world these movie nights will be entertaining, insightful and exciting! One hundred percent of the night’s proceeds will be going directly to Project Canoe and Paddler’s Coop.

Showing July 4th 2024:

1. Down River Jordan The Jordan River has played a major role in shaping human society as we know it, providing freshwater and fertile soil for some of the earliest civilizations and witnessing the rise and fall of empires. For centuries, the lower Jordan Valley has served as one of the largest bird migration sites in the world, as well as the biologically diverse sanctuary where the flora and fauna of the East African and West Asian continents come together. Today, the river tells a different story from the life-giving tale it has told for a millennium revealing the devastating impact of human political conflict as Syria, Jordan, and Israel take from the Jordan River without international regulation or waste-management infrastructure. The tension between the riparian nations and the lack of a trilateral water management agreement has allowed for excessive extraction, harmful waste practices, and a tendency to assign blame to others rather than take responsibility for the river’s well-being. As a result, the Jordan River has seen its water flow reduced by 96% over the last sixty years. The journey begins as five friends attempt to navigate the river from its source in the mountains of the Golan to its endpoint in the Dead Sea. As the group travels south on the water, weaving between Israel, Jordan, and Palestine, they meet the people most affected by the river’s demise, and those fighting fiercely to protect it. Climate change and human conflicts around the world continue to exacerbate water-stress, which can eventually lead to gross mismanagement, water scarcity, and wars. DOWN RIVER JORDAN is a documentary about hope in the face of environmental destruction, one river’s potential to inspire cooperation, and the source of life that unites us all: water.

2. First River – How Arkansas Saved a National Treasure The Buffalo National River in Arkansas draws more than one million visitors per year. But in the early 1960’s, this pristine natural attraction was doomed to be dammed. A grassroots movement led by a small town doctor rose up. With perseverance, joining of forces, and a little luck, this group of homegrown conservationists not only saved the river from damming, but also helped it to gain permanent protection as America’s first National River.

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