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Norse Bylgja Carbon

Norse Bylgja Carbon

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The Norse Bylgja kayak is a dynamic blend of playfulness and robustness, engineered for those who dare to tackle big waters. This hard chine kayak is equipped with a skeg, enhancing its suitability for adventurous paddling in challenging conditions.

The Bylgja's V-shaped hull provides exceptional tracking. Whether you’re navigating calm waters or battling strong currents, the Bylgja maintains its course with remarkable precision.

The kayak’s hard chine design provides excellent stability when the kayak is on edge. This stability, paired with the kayak’s inherent nimbleness, allows it to turn swiftly and responsively. Such agility makes the Bylgja an exciting choice for paddlers who enjoy a kayak that responds quickly and efficiently to their maneuvers.

The Bylgja is well-appointed with three bulkheads and two day hatches, offering ample space to keep gear within easy reach. The addition of a compass recess caters to the navigational needs of serious paddlers. The Bylgja features extra reinforcements along the chine, ensuring it remains robust and reliable even in the most demanding situations.


Length: 17'1" (520cm)
Width: 22" (55 cm)
Weight: 46 lbs. (21 Kg)
Cockpit Length: 33" (84 cm)
Cockpit Width: 15.75" (40 cm)
Deck Height: 11.75" (30 cm)
Max Capacity: 308 lbs. (140 Kg)

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