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Norse Idun Fiberglass

Norse Idun Fiberglass

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The Norse Idun kayak emerges as a captivating smaller counterpart to the popular Bylgja, designed for paddlers who prefer a more compact vessel without compromising on performance. The lightweight V-shaped hull provides excellent hull speed and tracking, ensuring that it holds its course with remarkable accuracy.

The hard chine design of the Idun is another aspect that sets it apart. This design provides outstanding stability when the kayak is edged, giving paddlers the confidence to tackle more adventurous routes. Additionally, the hard chine allows for quick and responsive turns.

Ample storage is achieved with three bulkheads and two day hatches, offering convenient and accessible storage options for essentials and gear. The inclusion of a compass recess is a practical addition. Similar to the Bylgja, the Idun boasts extra reinforcements along the chine, enhancing its robustness and durability for enduring performance.


Length: 15'11" (485 cm)
Width: 21.25" (54 cm)
Weight: 51 lbs. (20 Kg)
Cockpit Length: 31" (78 cm)
Cockpit Width: 15.75" (40 cm)
Deck Height: 11" (29 cm)
Max Capacity: 242 lbs. (110 Kg)

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