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Norse Thor Fiberglass Tandem Kayak – Red/White

Norse Thor Fiberglass Tandem Kayak – Red/White

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Thor, the perfect warrior protecting the other gods. When lightning and thunder strikes, it is Thor riding his goat drawn chariot fighting giants with his hammer.

Thor is our large tandem, suitable for all paddlers. It’s great stability gives even unexperienced paddlers a comfortable and safe trip. Two bulkheads and an access hatch that makes packing easy.


Length: 21' / 646cm
27.9" / 41cm
Fiberglass Weight:
86lbs / 39kg
Optimal Paddler Weight (per paddler):
132 - 242lbs / 60 - 110kg
Max Capacity:
595lbs / 270kg
Front Cockpit Length:
30.7" / 78cm
Front Cockpit Width:
17.3" / 44cm
Front Cockpit Height:
13" / 33cm
Rear Cockpit Length:
30.7" / 78cm
Rear Cockpit Width:
17.3" / 44cm
Rear Cockpit Height: 
13" / 33cm

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