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Northstar Northwind Solo 15′ PACK Starlite (Kevlar)

Northstar Northwind Solo 15′ PACK Starlite (Kevlar)

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Lakes, rivers or rapids, the NW Solo will lift your spirits every trip on the water. Renowned for its versatility, the Solo excels at both lakes and moderate rapids. A high volume design, combined with a low sheer line makes it a joy to paddle in varied water conditions. Known as our most friendly solo, canine companions are frequent crewmates.

**Pack Boats come with a kayak seat, kayak foot pedals and is paddled with a 240cm+ kayak paddle instead of a canoe paddle.

Solo removable Yoke sold separately.


Length: 15ft 6in

Length/Width Ratio: 6.9

Width: 26.5 gw / 30 mx / 26.5 wl

Sheer: 17.5 bw / 12.5 ms / 15 st

Rocker: 2.5 bw / 1.5 st

Weight: 27 SL

Optimal Load: 170–340 lbs


All Aramid, the generic name for Kevlar. Its proprietary yellow and black makes a stunning moiré pattern. Full wet bag minimizes resin and creates the lightest weight canoe available. Foam core, ribs and internal reinforcements make a stiff, efficient hull. The choice of flat-water paddlers everywhere. Exterior resin clear coated for maximum weight savings.

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