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Nova Craft Cronje 17′ Aramid Lite (Kevlar)

Nova Craft Cronje 17′ Aramid Lite (Kevlar)

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The Chestnut Canoe Company designed the Cronje to be a fast, reliable canoe for people who have a destination in mind. The design is rich in history and is a very able performer.

The Cronje is ideally suited to paddlers who want to challenge big, open water by covering distance with ease. Fast lines and excellent tracking make it a joy to use. Its lower profile means less wind drag on the water and lower weight on the portage trail. The Cronje is most at home in landscapes with large open lakes like the famed Boundary Waters or Algonquin Park.

Made in Canada.

  • Aramid Lite canoes are the lightest boats made by Nova Craft and are intended for flatwater tripping. Built by infusing Aramid cloth with Nova Craft's high impact resistant vinylester resin, these canoes have great strength to weight characteristics. While they are ideal for wilderness trips involving lots of long portages, it is also wonderful just to have a lightweight canoe to put on and off the car. Twaron fabrics are used to give you the power of Aramid.


Length: 17′ / 518cm
Width: 35″ / 88.9cm
Weight: 46lb / 20.9kg
Center Depth: 13” / 33cm
End Depth: 21″ / 53.5cm
Capacity: 1000lb / 454kg


· Symmetrical Hull
· Shallow Arch Bottom
· Slight Rocker
· Fast Entry Lines

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