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Pelican boat drain plug 11/16″

Pelican boat drain plug 11/16″

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This premium drain plug is perfect for those of us who are always losing them. A convenient cross bar allows you to drain your kayak without having to fully remove your drain plug. Don’t start your next kayak adventure trying to remember where you last saw your drain plug!

Convenient: This drain plug stops water infiltration and allows you to evacuate water from your hull. It is equipped with a cross bar allowing you to empty your kayak without having to completely remove the plug.

Compatibility And Dimension: The hull drain plug has a diameter of 3.2 cm (1.25 in.). It’s easy to install and fits most kayaks.

Strong And Durable: It’s made with high quality plastic that prevents water infiltration.

Length: 1.25 in – 3.18 cm
Height: 3.14 in – 7.98 cm
Width: 1.25 in – 3.18 cm

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