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Perception Prodigy XS

Perception Prodigy XS

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The Perception Prodigy series of sit-in kayaks are for beginners to intermediates who want a boat that makes paddling easy. Perfect for enjoying flat or slow-moving waters, the exceptionally stable, easy-turning design gives new paddlers a boat that will grow with them as their skills progress. It’s lightweight and compact so it’s easy to carry and easy to store, and the best feature of all is that it’s easy to afford.

The Perception Prodigy XS kayak is built for kids and sets the standard for confidence-building stability, comfort, and performance. The sit-in design protects from the elements and lowers the kayak’s center of gravity to further enhance stability. The most comfortable kids kayak available, the Prodigy XS features a re-engineered seat and cockpit to keep little ones secure for effortless paddling. Integrated floatation makes it one of the safest kayaks on the water; it’s also lightweight and easy to carry.


Length: 10' (305 cm)
Width: 23" (58 cm)
Weight: 26 lbs. (12 Kg)
Cockpit Length: 28" (71 cm)
Cockpit Width: 18" (46 cm)
Max Capacity: 150 lbs. (68 Kg)

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