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Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 w/ Rudder

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 w/ Rudder

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More than capable for a weekend trip, added depth is suitable for mid-to-larger sized paddlers while maintaining speed and efficiency necessary for kayaking longer distances. Added depth, length, and cockpit favor paddlers wanting an easily manageable, lean, efficient kayak capable of weekend trips. The added volume of the Tsunami 165 gives ample storage space, including an easily reached day hatch for longer paddles or trips without sacrificing the reliable performance.



Length: 16'6" (500 cm)
Width: 23.75" (60 cm)
Weight: 66 lbs. (30 Kg)
Cockpit Length: 35.5" (90 cm)
Cockpit Width: 19.25" (49 cm)
Deck Height: 15" (38 cm)
Max Capacity: 350 lbs. (159 Kg)

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